Instructions for FSX

To map buttons in Microsoft Flight Simulator X, do the same thing you would for any other joystick. Select the control you want to map, then press the corresponding button in Touch Pilot One.

For the axes, set the null zone to the lowest setting, which is 1.

For the brakes, set the repeat slider to max for left, right, and both. Leave the repeat slider on minimum for parking brakes.

Note that the Comm and Mic buttons already use the default mapping in FSX, so you don’t need to map them. These buttons are for communicating with air traffic control. Press the Mic button to bring up the ATC window, and press buttons 1-9 to select responses. If you’re using a sim other than FSX, you can still map these buttons to whatever functions you like.

To start and stop the engine, we recommend you map the start and stop engine buttons to “Engine autostart” and “Engine autoshutdown”, in FSX.

Here’s a complete list of suggested mappings for FSX:

FSX Event Touch Pilot One Button # Note
Aileron trim (left) Aileron wheel left 22 Tap left side of wheel
Aileron trim (right) Aileron wheel right 23 Tap right side of wheel
Autopilot master on/off Autopilot button 21
Avionics master on/off Avionics button 11
Brakes (apply left) Left brake 13 Set repeat slider maximum
Brakes (apply right) Right brake 14 Set repeat slider maximum
Brakes (apply/release) Both brakes 12 Set repeat slider maximum
Brakes (set parking) Parking brake 15 Set repeat slider minimum
Elevator trim (down) Elevator wheel up 26 Tap top of wheel
Elevator trim (up) Elevator wheel down 27 Tap bottom of wheel
Engine (auto shutdown) Engine stop 17
Engine (autostart) Engine start 16
Flaps (extend incrementally) Flaps down 19
Flaps (retract incrementally) Flaps up 18
Landing gear (extend/retract) Gear button 20
Landing lights (on/off) Lights – Landing 8
Lights – all (on/off) Lights – on/off 5
Locked spot view (shortcut) View Ext 32
Master battery (on/off) Batt button 10
Master battery/Alternator (on/off) Alt button 9 Turns both batt and alt on/off
Panel lights (on/off) Lights – panel 7
Pause Pause 28
Rudder trim (left) Rudder wheel left 24 Tap on left side of wheel
Rudder trim (right) Rudder wheel right 25 Tap on right side of wheel
Simulation rate (select) Time +/- 29 Cycles sim rate
Strobe lights (on/off) Lights – strobe 6
View (next category) View Cycle 30
Virtual Cockpit (shortcut) View Cockpit 31

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