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Tilt RacerTM lets you use your phone as a steering wheel with any game on your PC. You tilt the phone to steer, and control the throttle and brakes with an on-screen slider. If you’ve ever used a Wiimote to play Mario Kart, it’s a bit like that. It sends the controls over WiFi, and emulates a joystick on the PC. The game on your PC thinks that your phone is just another joystick, so it works with any game that supports a joystick or steering wheel. That means you can use it with iRacing, rFactor, F1 2012, Simraceway and just about any other driving game. Even Battlefield 3! Why buy an expensive steering wheel like the SRW-S1, when you can use an app that costs 20 times less? Skip to video↓

iPhone Screen Shot

The throttle and brakes are controlled with the thumb slider on the right. The green zone is throttle and the red zone is for braking. They’re on the same slider so that you can quickly and easily switch from acceleration to braking without taking your finger off the screen, or looking down at the phone. No other app provides such fine proportional control of both the throttle and brakes, which is essential for precision driving.

Tilt Racer uses haptics to give you tactile feedback about the controls. When braking, you’ll feel a continuous vibration that gets stronger the harder you brake. This lets you FEEL how hard you’re braking. You’ll also feel a short buzz when you reach maximum throttle, so you’ll never be in doubt about whether you’ve got the pedal to the metal. All four buttons also vibrate when pressed. This means that you never have to look down at the phone while you’re driving. We all know how dangerous that can be! Note: on iPhones, continuous vibration is not possible, but there’s still a short vibration at the top of the throttle, bottom of the brakes, and when you cross over from throttle to brakes (and vice versa).

The four buttons on the left are fully programmable. They work exactly like the buttons on a joystick. The buttons are big so that they’re easy to press without looking down at the phone. Typically, you would use the buttons on the far left for shifting up and down, and the other two for whatever you want: e-brake, rear view, nitro, fire?


Tilt Racer is available on iPhones with iOS 5.0 and above, and on Android phones with Android 4.0 and above. The app requires Touch Pilot Server to be running on the same Windows PC as your game. Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8 are supported in both 32 and 64 bit. Download Touch Pilot Server for free, and follow the instructions. Your PC and phone must be connected to the same network, with a strong WiFi connection. Your WiFi network must allow multicast to enable the app to find the PC on the network. This can usually be turned on in the WiFi router settings, but it is normally enabled by default on most routers. If you can’t enable multicast for some reason, you can always enter the PC’s IP address manually.

Driving Tips

  • Keep your thumb on the slider at all times
  • Shift decisively, with a firm press on the button
  • Hold the phone securely, but don’t wrap your hands too tightly around it
  • Make sure your battery is charged before you begin. The low battery alert on iOS might interrupt your driving.

A sampling of supported games

  • iRacing
  • rFactor 2
  • rFactor 1
  • F1 2012
  • F1 2011
  • Simraceway
  • GTR
  • Live for Speed
  • DiRT Series
  • Project Cars
  • Battlefield 3
  • Any game that supports joysticks or steering wheels

Games NOT supported

  • Grand Theft Auto IV – No joystick support. XBox 360 controller only
  • Need for Speed World – No joystick support. XBox 360 controller only
  • Any game that can’t use a normal joystick or steering wheel.
Get it on Google Play
Available on the App Store