Tilt Racer has been released!

Touch Pilot is proud to announce that it’s new app, Tilt Racer, is now available on the iTunes AppStore, and Google Play. Tilt Racer lets you use your phone as a steering wheel with any game on your PC. You tilt the phone to steer, and control the throttle and brakes with an on-screen slider. If you’ve ever used a Wiimote to play Mario Kart, it’s a bit like that. It sends the controls over WiFi, and emulates a joystick on the PC. The game on your PC thinks that your phone is just another joystick, so it works with any game that supports a joystick or steering wheel. That means you can use it with iRacing, rFactor, F1 2012, Simraceway and just about any other driving game. Even Battlefield 3! Why buy an expensive steering wheel, when you can use an app that costs 20 times less? For more information, see our website.

iPhone Screen Shot

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